Why bathroom pods?

Bathroom pods take away the stresses of building bathrooms on-site.


Building with prefab makes life a bit easier.

On-site quality and freedom in design is exceeded with prefabrication. If you are looking for a robust bathroom pod, SANU is the way to go.

A ready made bathroom pod is indistinguishable from a on-site bathroom in terms of 'feel'. Even better, a prefabricated bathroom looks better, because of the quality controlled environment it is produced in.

Less people and shorter timelines.

Industrieel bouwen, betekent minder mensen op de bouwplaats. Door de bouw te verplaatsen naar de fabriek, kan er sneller worden gebouwd met minder handen. Op de bouw zijn nog maar een klein aantal mensen nodig om de badkamer te plaatsen en aan te sluiten.

Dankzij het prefabriceren van de badkamers, wordt de doorlooptijd met enkele maanden verkort. De badkamers worden in de ruwbouw geplaatst en zijn direct na installatie gereed voor gebruik.

Better quality and one single point of contact.

Quality control is part of product. In our controlled environment, we make sure every individual bathroom is tested before delivery to the job site. This leads to a reduction of unnecessary quality issues on-site. Each bathroom has a unique 'POD ID' and comes with it's own quality control documents.

Is something up with the bathroom? You're just one phone call away to the right point of contact. We make sure our team members are available to support you with any question or remark.

Apart from our line of standard models, we offer customized bathroom pods. This means no limits in design.

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Our team is ready to work with you. As pioneers in the prefab industry, we use our experience to support contractors and developers into transitioning to a smarter way of constructing our environment: the industrialized way.

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